Leagues at Watervliet

Watervliet Fish and Game Protective Association supports several kinds of competition and league shooting.  Leagues are open to all Watervliet members.  Generally there is a chairman of each league who acts as a contact person and organizes the league.  To become involved in any of the leagues at Watervliet a member can contact the chairmen of the league or can contact any of the officers of the club to get information.  Below is a quick overview of the leagues currently running at Watervliet Fish and Game.

Black Powder League - Runs from May to October and shoots one Sunday a month (generally the first Sunday) on the back range. 

Bull’s Eye Pistol League - This league runs throughout the fall/winter season (Oct - Mar) on Monday evenings on the indoor range.  This event is mainly a rimfire handgun event but is also open to centerfire handguns that meet the specifications allowed for the range.  It is a 50 foot bull’s eye event with slow, timed and rapid fire.  Scores are maintained for the club league.  Members are not required to have a downstairs range qualification in order to participate in this league. For further information on bull’s eye pistol shooting at WFG see: Bullseye.

Five-Stand Clays available usually one Sunday per month.

High Power Rifle League - This league shoots one weekend a month on the back range. It is an NRA bull's eye competition with military-style rifles, with M1 Garands and AR-15s being popular choices. Shooting consists of slow, timed and rapid fire strings. Shooting is in standing, sitting and prone positions. Shooting in this league will qualify you to purchase a rifle from the CMP. (See the Civilian Marksmanship Program link on the home page.)  For more information on high power shooting at WFG, see: HiPower.

Open Trap and Skeet usually available on Saturday and Sunday mornings, open to the public. See also Skeet.

PRACTICAL PISTOL (all of which require participants to take an IPSC-specific training/safety class which WFGPA offers on a regular basis before shooting their first match)


USPSA & IPSC – Usually on the first Saturday of every month (April-Nov) Watervliet Practical Shooters hold a USPSA sanctioned practical pistol match on the back range.  This is a centerfire only handgun event.  For information on USPSA/IPSC competition, go to www.uspsa.org. 


STEEL CHALLENGE – Matches are held on the back range. Open to centerfire and rimfire handguns. Check our calendar for match dates. For more information, go to www.steelchallenge.com

ICORE – Practical pistol competition exclusively for revolvers only.  Check our calendar for match dates.  For information, go to www.icore.org

S.C.C.C. Trap League - Watervliet members participate in the Schenectady County Conservation Council Trap League.  The league meets one Sunday each month from April through September.  The league holds its events at various gun clubs in the area. 

Sporter Rifle League - This league runs throughout the fall/winter season (Oct - Mar) on Wednesday evenings on the indoor range.  Sporter rifle is a 22 cal. rimfire light rifle event.  Watervliet shooters participate in a statewide postal Sporter Rifle league.

Winter Skeet League - Throughout the winter a skeet league is held on Wednesday evenings under the lights. 

Winter Trap League - Throughout the winter a trap league is held on alternate Sunday mornings.