Association Rules and Regulations

Association Rules and Regulations

All Association rules and regulations are promulgated to support and sustain the safe use of Association facilities for all members and to create an atmosphere in which all members are fairly treated. All rules apply equally to all members, their guests and participants in events sponsored and operated by the Association.

The following rules are established in the Association’s By-Laws Article 10:

1) All persons shall obey the orders of association range officers.

2)  No person shall destroy, damage, or remove any item of club property.

3) All firearms are to be unloaded before entering the clubhouse.

4) No alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto the Association’s grounds or consumed on the Association’s grounds without approval in advance of the Board of Directors.

5) No illegal weapons of any description are to be brought onto the Association’s grounds.

6) Members shall display their membership card when requested to do so by any range officer, collector of fees, club officer, director, committee person, or member.

7) Any member who observes dangerous or otherwise improper conduct by another member on the Association’s grounds shall report the same to the Range Committee as soon as practicable.

8) Any officer, director, range officer or member who observes dangerous conduct by another member on the Association’s grounds is authorized to direct the member to leave forthwith and shall report the same to the Range Committee as soon as practicable.

The following supplemental rules have been established by the Board of Directors:

9) All persons shooting on Watervliet ranges will sign in on the provided log books upon arrival at the range.

10) Eye and ear protection will be worn by all shooters and spectators on all ranges at all times.

11) All persons utilizing Watervliet ranges will observe all additional range rules posted by the Association on the ranges regarding general safety and specific use of ranges. Persons failing to do so will be removed from the ranges and, if applicable, from the roll of members.

12) The minimum age for use of any shooting range on the Association property is 12. Persons 12 to 16 years of age must be under supervision when on Association grounds and ranges.

13) All firearms are to be unloaded when entering Association Property. Firearms shall be loaded only when you are on the proper range and then only when you are ready to fire.

14) When a range is declared “safe” and persons are to proceed down range, all firearms are to be unloaded with magazines removed, cylinders opened and the firearm will be placed on the appropriate bench or holstered. Absolutely no firearm is then to be handled for any reason while persons remain down range.

15) Any person observed using Association facilities and unable to produce a currently valid membership card upon request shall be treated as a non-member and requested to leave the Association grounds unless they are there as a guest of a member in good standing.

16) Shooting hours on outdoor ranges shall begin at 8:00 am and shall close at dusk with the exception of events recognized and scheduled for other starting and closing times, in advance, by the Board of Directors.

17) Work parties have precedence at all times over all ranges. Thursday is a recognized work day. Trap and Skeet ranges will be closed.

18) Only proper, recognizable, paper targets are to be used on any unrestricted outdoor range or on the indoor range with the exception of events recognized and scheduled in advance by the Board of Directors.

19) Members are allowed to bring a maximum of two guests at a time to the facility.

20) All dogs are to remain on a leash at all times when on Association grounds for the safety of both the animal and the general membership.

21) No hunting is allowed on Association property.

22) The maximum speed limit on all Association roadways is 5 mph.

23)  (a-d) Refer to Skeet and Trap Ranges:
a. No shot larger than #9 is to be used on the Skeet fields.
b. No shot larger than #7-1/2 is to be used on the Trap field.
c. No persons are to pass beyond the safety areas when Skeet or Trap machines are operating.
d. The use of Hand Traps is not allowed on WFGPA property

24) Crossbows that meet NYS hunting requirements may be used on the ARCHERY RANGE ONLY. They are not allowed on any other ranges.

25) The Indoor Range in the clubhouse basement is for members who have qualified to use it. No guests are permitted. The range is limited to .22 rimfire rifles & handguns and centerfire handguns using non-jacketed lead only ammunition at a velocity no greater than 1000 feet per second. All shooting is to be done at the official firing positions.